A ‘novelty’ realtor for the high-end neighborhood, a realtor who sells condos

A realtor in the upscale neighborhood of Bedford Hills has found himself in hot water after posting on Craigslist ads that a prospective buyer could be able to get a home for $1.9 million.

EBBY Halliday, the managing director of EBBY Homes, posted a listing for a home on Craigslist for $900,000 in May.

She said the buyer was “interested” in the home, and promised to pay her a $100,000 deposit if the transaction was successful.

Halliday’s post was shared more than 2,300 times and included a link to a listing of a property in New York City for $2.2 million.

But when the buyer showed up, she was told that the property was unavailable.

“We have a lot of properties that are on the market and if someone wants to move in, it’s going to be difficult because of the high price tag,” Halliday told ABC News.

“I didn’t want to say that it was a scam, but it is a real estate market that’s not easy to navigate.”

The buyer, who was not identified, was reportedly very upset by the situation and called Halliday to tell her he was not interested in moving in.

“You can’t just say that, like, ‘You’re making this a scam and I’m not going to do it,'” Halliday said.

“So I’m trying to explain to him that I know it’s not a scam because I know I’m going to have to work with the buyer and I know that we are going to go to court and try to get this property back.”

The home was sold, but Halliday had to cancel the sale because the buyer “wasn’t interested,” she said.

Hallaney’s posting came after a similar one by EBBY Real Estate, which was also shared nearly 2,000 times and featured a similar photo.

The EBBY listing did not have a closing price.

Hallanda told ABC affiliate WCBS that she has had “many” requests to buy homes from prospective buyers, but she did not elaborate on what those “requests” are.

Hallie said she and her company “are working very hard to ensure the buyer is not duped into the false sense of security of having a home that they can afford.”

Halliday also said she had received numerous complaints about EBBY and other realtor websites, and she called the situation “extremely frustrating.”

“This is something that should be avoided,” Hallie told ABC.

“People should only come to realtours and find homes.

That’s all.”