Allen Tate Real Estate’s Headshots, Staten Island, Corpus Christi, and Corpus Christian real estate listings are now available online

Real estate listings for the Allen Taylor Real Estate in Corpus Christion have been updated with the arrival of the new season. 

In the category, all of the listings are listed with a new image.

The listing was posted on Monday on the Real Estate website.

 Here are the images for the listings for today:  I have a friend who is the owner of a very successful real estate firm in Corpus Christian.

He has a great reputation.

He knows how to make people feel comfortable and has a lot of clients.

The only problem is that his clients are all too eager to get in the door when he is opening for business. 

So when he opens his doors, theres only one thing to do, he has to give them a heads up. 

This is where you come in.

If you have an opportunity to show your clients that youre in a better place than they were, youll be rewarded.

As soon as the season starts, the Allens new home is taken up with the likes of: 1.

Allen Taye and his wife, Amy, are opening their new home on the corner of North Avenue and State Street. 


Allens son, Ryan, is about to become a resident of the home. 


Allie Taye has opened up her residence on the North side of the block to her son, Austin, who is about to become a resident of the house. 


Allan Taye has moved into his new home at State and South Streets, where he has installed a new patio and new air conditioning units. 


The Residence at the corner of North Avenue & State Streets is opening as all tenants are coming to the house for the residency.

There are currently a total of 15 hotels, condos, and condominiums on the property. 

If youre interested in buying or leasing one of these properties, visit www.