‘It’s a very real fear’: Realtor says NSW could lose thousands of jobs if Trump sanctions

SAN FRANCISCO — A realtor is warning that if President Donald Trump decides to impose a trade embargo against the United States, real estate sales in NSW could fall by more than a quarter of their normal levels.Realtor Barry O’Shea said his clients were struggling to find homes for their new apartments and he expected

Realtor Pittsburgh: Realtors are calling for an immediate end to the ‘war on renters’

Realtor Patricia Kagan is calling for a complete moratorium on rental housing and is pushing for a national housing policy.The realtor from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, has become one of the most prominent advocates for an end to a war on renters, and she’s joined the #SaveRenters movement, which was started last year by several prominent landlords.Here’s

US real estate agent accused of selling real estate illegally

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.— A Florida real estate broker accused of illegally selling his own property was sentenced to three years in prison Thursday for selling his home in the upscale neighborhood of Jacksonville to someone who never lived there.Judge Richard G. Smith sentenced James B. Harkness, 59, to three and a half years in state prison