How I Built My First Real Estate Blog, Part 1: How I Build My First Personal Blog

“If I had to put one word in the book, I’d say, ‘FUCK YOU!’,” says former realtor and now author Josh Wittenberg, who started his own blog in 2007.

Wittenberger, who is now an author and managing partner at The Firm, spent the last year writing a book on real estate, titled, How I built My First Professional Blog. 

“I wanted to write about real estate.

I wanted to talk about realty.

I was so tired of it.

I’d been trying to do it for the last 15 years,” he tells TheWrap.

Wittenberger was initially inspired by an article he read on The Real Estate Insider’s site, Real Estate 101: What You Need to Know About Home Buying and Selling.

“I was reading a story and I was like, ‘Wow, I want to do this,'” he says.

Wittman quickly went on to learn about the process and build his own website and podcast.

He says the site became a great resource for people looking to get a feel for real estate and get to know other realtors.

“People that are going to be building their first real estate blog or starting a new real estate website, they’re not going to have this experience that I had,” he says, adding that there is a ton of information on the internet and even podcasts.

Witteberg also says that the blog had its own set of rules and guidelines that he would never have known had he not tried to write a book.

“That’s why the book is a work of art, it’s like a painting.

I think it’s just the perfect book for anyone who is looking for a way to learn more about realtoring, real estate,” he said.

Wittyberger also says the book was inspired by his own personal journey, as well as by some advice he received from his realtor friends.

“There was a lot of stuff that I learned and a lot more that I wanted that to be shared and that I could pass on to other people,” he recalls.

The book is available now on and on iTunes.