How to find the best realtor in the city of Houston

A realtor who recently made headlines for claiming to be the first to sell a single home in the US for $1.5 million has now gone viral for selling a home for $2.5m.

On Sunday, Realtor Josh Breen posted a listing for a $2,853,500 house on Facebook for sale in the Houston area.

The listing included a $1,500 deposit and listed the home for sale at 4,500 square feet.

According to Breen, the house is located on the second floor of a 2,300-square-foot home that was recently sold.

Breen has also said that the home was not listed for sale.

The home is located in the upscale area of the city, where Breen is based.

The property is listed as being worth $1 million, according to Brex.

The Houston area has long been known for its high prices and low vacancy rates.

However, realtor Josh Brex, who is also the founder of the Houston Realtors Association, has since made waves for his alleged claim that a single sale could sell for $4 million.

The realtor was recently featured in an episode of and recently tweeted:I’m on the hunt for the best Houston home!

It’s always hard to find homes in this market.

If you have a property that’s listed, please reach out to me and I’ll be happy to meet with you.

Realtor Josh, who has a real estate firm in the same Houston area, said the house was sold at a time when the area is seeing a boom in the construction of condominiums.

The condominium market is on the rise, and prices are climbing rapidly, he said.

Realtors have also been taking heat for not listing homes for sale on the website before.

In October, Breen sold a home in an upscale neighborhood in the Austin area for $8.3 million.

He later posted an image of the home on Facebook showing the price tag.

Breen did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

Real estate professionals have come under fire recently for their perceived lack of transparency in listing properties, particularly in the Bay Area.

Last week, realtor Steve Gerspink, who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, was suspended from his job for allegedly violating realtor rules.

He also lost his license after posting a video of himself selling a $7,000 home in San Francisco for $750,000.