How to get the most bang for your buck in the real estate market

Real estate prices in Cincinnati, Ohio have surged in recent months.

But many are being priced too high.

Realtor Nancy Haines is one of those who says you should be buying into this market now rather than later.

She says, I’m really starting to believe that you can get a good price for a property now.

But if you’re still buying in a hurry, you can always go in a little bit later and look for a better deal, said Hainys realtor.

And, she says, it’s a good idea to go to your local realtor store and see what the price is, as it’s the price you’ll see if you go in on a Friday night, or if you visit your local farmer’s market.

And if you have a family that needs a place to stay, Hainens realtor says that could be a good way to save on your rent.

So if you want to save money, you should probably be looking at where you can rent, Hains said.

I think that the average price for homes that are listed on realtor sites in Cincinnati is now $550,000, which is a good amount of money for a one-bedroom apartment, said Nancy Hains, realtor for Hainss in Cincinnati.

And then if you really want to get into the market, she suggests that you should look for properties that are more affordable.

For example, she said, a one bedroom, two bath home that might cost $800,000 a piece in the Cincinnati area.

But for more modest homes, Hanes recommends checking out the properties that have a median price of $450,000 and then finding a lower-priced, more accessible option, like a duplex, she explained.

If you can afford it, then you can save money by renting the duplex.

And you could also go into another property and see if there’s something for less, she added.

For more of what real estate is like, check out the video above.