I can’t be the only one who can’t believe that all those people who lost their homes in Oregon are still alive

I’ve been working as a realtor in Oregon for about six months now.

I’m not surprised that many of the homes I have sold have been sold at prices that are more than twice the median value in the state.

I don’t want to be a homeowner that has to make a difficult decision, so I make every effort to get information from the seller and find out what kind of home I want.

If it’s an affordable home, I usually get a phone call from a real estate agent, asking if the buyer is still willing to make the payment and what I can expect if I don’t.

Realtors know that they are responsible for their clients’ homes.

But they also know that if they can’t get that information, they won’t be able to sell the home.

That’s why the Oregon Real Estate Association is urging sellers to go to the real estate board and file for an emergency mortgage to avoid losing a home.

We’ve seen a surge in new homes being built in Oregon, but many are being built for the wealthy and the ones that have been built for people from lower-income families are going to be priced out.

This is one of the biggest barriers to people coming to Oregon to buy a home, and it’s one of our biggest challenges, said Michael C. Harkins, president and CEO of the Oregon real estate association.

“That’s why we’re calling for the state to enact a moratorium on new construction,” he said.

Oregon has a moratorium law that prevents builders from building more than five new homes in a year.

The law also makes it illegal for a developer to build more than one home in a single year.

So how did we get here?

Oregon real estate experts say the biggest challenge has been a lack of information.

In the past, realtor boards would have been able to get some information from buyers about the homes they were considering.

But the lack of communication is holding back buyers and developers from making the right decisions, said C.B. Gaffney, a realtiver from Oregon.

The real estate industry is also dealing with a shortage of qualified people, particularly in real estate management.

Some realtourists have started putting out alerts on their websites that they’re selling out of houses, said Chris Nunez, president of Oregon Real estate.

It can be frustrating for buyers to be stuck in the middle of the market, waiting for a decision, when they shouldn’t be.

And when you’re not seeing a lot of new listings, you’re also not seeing new home sales, said Gaffneys.

But there’s a lot going on.

We have a new governor, who has an interest in increasing the supply of new homes, said Nuneys executive director, Steve M. Condon.

As the economy recovers, we are seeing a rebound in demand for housing, and we’re seeing more new homes built.

We’ve also seen an increase in demand from people looking for affordable housing, said M.P. Thomas, president, Oregon Realty Management Association.

That means we have to build as many new homes as we can, and that’s not going to happen without a moratorium.

I think the people of Oregon deserve the best that Oregon has to offer, said Harkens.

What you need to know about the foreclosure crisis in Oregon: