Beverly Carter real estate agent ‘in denial’ over $1.2M house sale deal

The Beverly Carters real estate firm is in denial about $1 million in mortgage payments, and the property is “underwater” in the water, a source close to the company told News24.The Beverly Cartering Real Estate Group is an agency for the Beverly Hills-based Beverly Hills Home Owners Association.The Beverly Hills home owners association said in

GOP: I want a tax plan that will raise money from millionaires and billionaires

The Republican Party has a plan to raise money for the 2018 midterm elections from millionaires, billionaires, and corporations, according to a new report by the Congressional Leadership Fund.The report also found that in 2018, Republicans will need a net positive of $10.4 trillion to reach their goal of reaching $1 trillion in the deficit

Zillow is planning to hire 10,000 workers in Seattle next year

Zillows has already hired 10,700 workers for its Seattle office, which will help it open more offices around the world, and is planning on hiring 10,500 more this year.“We’ve got a lot of people working in Seattle who have been there for decades,” Zillys chief executive officer John Wachter said.“And it’s only going to get