Zillow is planning to hire 10,000 workers in Seattle next year

Zillows has already hired 10,700 workers for its Seattle office, which will help it open more offices around the world, and is planning on hiring 10,500 more this year.“We’ve got a lot of people working in Seattle who have been there for decades,” Zillys chief executive officer John Wachter said.“And it’s only going to get

The Real Estate Brokers are Taking on the Real Estate Industry

Posted by The American Conservatives on Sunday, February 23, 2018 03:29:27 The real estate industry is facing a new reality: they are competing against one another.It’s happening faster than anyone expected, as more and more sellers are signing up to buy homes in the city, and as the national real estate market rebounds.According to a

Find a realtor in your area? This guide will help you find the perfect realtor in your city.

Realtor is a big deal for some people.It’s one of the most valuable jobs in the real estate industry, and it’s the most rewarding one, thanks to a lot of perks, including an annual salary, stock options and a stock bonus.But finding a real estate agent in your market is a little harder.The only realtor