Harry Norman says ‘a lot’ of Australians would like to see him ‘brought back’ to New South Wales

Updated November 23, 2019 07:00:07 The former Victorian treasurer has been accused of being “in denial” about the financial impact of the financial crisis and the impact it has had on the State.Key points:Harry Norman has spoken out about the impact of Australia’s financial crisis on the lives of many peopleKey points Harry Normans response

When it comes to your home, who are you buying from?

The home sales market is booming, and the demand is rising for quality.But some realtor organizations are starting to feel the pressure to improve their reputations, while others are just trying to find their footing.Realtors nationwide say they need to focus on improving their brand.The home buying industry has been slow to adapt to the

Realtor is closing in on MLS realtor: ‘It’s an amazing place to live’

Realtors are closing in as MLS Realtor.com announced it was closing its doors and relocating to the Pacific Northwest.The realtor’s announcement comes just days after MLS Realty said it would relocate to Seattle, the biggest market in the US and the city with the highest vacancy rate.The relocation will mean MLS’s real estate team has

What the realtor can teach us about the future of homebuyers

NEW YORK — When we last checked in, the real estate market was in turmoil, and the country was experiencing a housing shortage.That changed Wednesday when the S&P 500 closed above its all-time high and the Nasdaq soared by more than 2%.It was a stark reminder that the housing market is no longer just about