Realtor Incentives is one of the biggest real estate agents in the country.Its mission is to offer people a competitive offer for homes, cars and apartments.However, its website has been flooded with complaints over the last couple of years, mainly from buyers who want to close their account.The agency has announced it will be closing

Renters and landlords must share the blame

The real estate industry is struggling to contain rising rents, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for renters to access affordable accommodation.Renters in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are the highest-paying workers in the country, and in many places they are paying more than half their incomes to cover the costs of their accommodation.Key points:Some Sydney

Why the real estate industry is buying crypto-currency and why it matters

When it comes to real estate, crypto-currencies are a great tool for people who don’t want to deal with banks or brokers.This is especially true when it comes with a low rate of return on the investment and a high percentage of the value is on the transaction.A recent study by The Economist found that