Pinellas Realtor Organization sued over bogus sale

Pinellastown realtor Allen Tate said he was surprised to receive a cease and desist letter from the organization that represents his real estate agents, accusing him of misleading investors about the future value of a $15 million condo.The real estate group is asking the Pinellascook County Board of Supervisors to order the real estate agency

‘It’s just so depressing’: The 10 worst things real estate agents can say about millennials

When it comes to how to approach a buyer, realtresses and agents alike have been saying that millennials are the most important and most valuable segment of the population.They’re looking for properties that they think they can afford, but the market has tightened so much in recent years that the average sale price is up

Florida real estate commission says it has no interest in renter complaints

A Florida realtor who says she has been discriminated against in her dealings with prospective homebuyers says she will be filing a federal lawsuit against the state’s real estate board, alleging she was unfairly denied housing on account of her race and gender.Rebecca Smith said she was rejected from multiple offers to buy a two-bedroom