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Texas real estate agents will soon have more jobs than they can handle.

As of April 1, the Texas Legislature is poised to enact an $8.8 billion real estate industry tax break.

The tax break will go toward paying off a $10.9 billion state fund to rebuild flood-damaged properties, and will also allow developers to sell their properties to pay for construction of new ones.

But the tax break is far from the only new tax break for real estate professionals.

In fact, as of last year, there were 1,739 new jobs created for realtORS jobs, and realtOR jobs have increased 7.5 percent over the last decade.

The average hourly wage for a realtor is $46.50, according to the Texas Real Estate Association.

The Texas Association of Realtors has posted its own job data showing that the number of jobs created in the real estate sector has doubled since 2000.

The association’s executive director, Mark Hernández, told Next Big 2020 that realtoring has grown in the state, and that the Texas realtor industry is thriving.

“We’re seeing a lot of interest in the industry, a lot more applicants, more candidates, a great return to the marketplace,” he said.

The average job market is not as healthy as in other parts of the country, and Hernacz said that he sees an opportunity to improve it.

He said that the average vacancy rate in Texas is about 10 percent, which is better than other parts the country.

Hernaczes job data is based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

He said that Texas is the third-best state in the country for the percentage of its population that is either employed or looking for work.

He also noted that Texas has the second-best rate of job growth in the nation.