Real estate commission’s $1.6M fee is too much for San Diego realtor to pay, attorney says

A San Diego-area realtor is calling on the California State Board of Equalization to consider imposing a fee of $1,6 million on her commission in order to pay for repairs and other necessary expenses.

Kim Renn, a San Diego native, is suing the Board of Equals for the $1 million fee she received from her broker-dealer in 2013, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Renn sued her broker, the San Antonio-based realtor group AIA Group Inc., in 2015 for the fee she was charged in connection with her broker’s contract, the Tribune reported.

Rahn sued AIA for $2.2 million, but lost in court.

Rohn, an independent realtor, also alleges that her broker did not properly disclose the fees to the California Office of Inspector General.AIA has not responded to Rahn’s suit, and she has not been able to contact the group.