Realtor Santa Fe: ‘I have to sell’

The realtor who made headlines when she refused to sell her property to a Muslim couple in the Santa Fe area of the state was charged with a hate crime after she was accused of posting a photo of her face on Facebook, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

Samantha Sivanovic, 44, of Santa Fe, is accused of writing the photo of herself with the caption, “I have the right to sell this property.

They are a danger to the community.”

The photo appeared on Sivanova’s Facebook page on Feb. 1 and was taken with a cellphone, according a warrant affidavit filed Thursday in Santa Fe Superior Court.

The Facebook post was later removed, and Sivanov’s Facebook profile was then deactivated.

The next day, Sivanović, who lives in Santa Clara County, was arrested in New Mexico and booked into the Santa Clara jail on suspicion of misdemeanor stalking, according the arrest warrant.

According to the affidavit, the photo was posted on March 1 and featured a smiling Sivanovich with her hair cropped short, her face obscured by her hijab and a short, blue hijab covering her head.

Sivanowich posted the photo on Facebook and later posted it to other social media sites, including Instagram.

Sivanov said the photo appeared when she was out in New York and was confronted by a woman wearing a hijab who told her, “You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Sivanovic then told the woman she was “not Muslim” and that “you’re a threat to our community,” the affidavit said.

Sutierrez, who is a Muslim, was taken into custody after she made statements to police, according it.