Realtor says the realtor who called her home was abusive, not a fraudster

The realtor has responded to an allegation that she is not the realtor she says she is.

She is responding to a Facebook post that was posted last month in which a woman who claimed she had been called “realtor crye leiker” and “her realtor maine” on multiple occasions, including once in the name of her son.

The woman claimed that her son had been abused at the real estate business.

A spokesperson for the realty company said that Ms Leike had been contacted and had not been a part of the company and that she had no relationship with the woman in question.

“Her story is a complete fabrication and she has made up an entire story to try to sell herself,” the spokesperson said.

“She was not involved in any real estate transactions or services.”

“She is not a realtor.

She has no real estate, no realtor background whatsoever,” the spokeswoman said.

The spokesperson said the woman had made a series of false claims in the past about realtor interactions with her son, which included saying that she was the realoer in the family.

The statement said that the woman was unable to prove the allegations and that the real house was aware of the alleged behaviour and had notified the police.

A Facebook post on Ms Leikes account said she had called the realestate business and asked to be referred to as “my realtor cryee leiker”.

“I called to let her know that my son was being abused, and she claimed that I am the real owner,” the post said.

She then said she was calling the real owners to discuss the situation.

“I also contacted the police,” she wrote.

“They were very kind and advised me to speak to a real estate agent or realtor if they would talk to me.”

The Facebook post said the realer had not made any attempts to contact the woman.

The real estate representative said that she did not have any further comment.

Ms Leiker said she contacted the real family on Tuesday to ask why she had received so many harassing and threatening calls.

“It’s disgusting,” she said.

“[I’m] really sad.

I’ve been abused and I just feel like it’s just the way things are now.”

Ms Leikers Facebook page has more than 6,000 likes.

The representative said she did her best to keep the harassment under wraps, but said she couldn’t do it anymore.

“The whole thing has been so negative,” she told ABC News.

“We’ve been trying to get the people involved to come forward, but I’m not going to go public with my story because I think it’s disgusting.”

The realestate representative told the ABC the company had received numerous complaints from Ms Leikys son.

“He’s a very good man, a very dedicated man, and he loves his family and he has the right to do that,” she added.

“Our concerns have always been the same, which is that this has been an ongoing problem, but that they have not been taken seriously.”

‘The realtor’s job is to make sure we are safe’ A spokesperson from the real property said they were aware of Ms Leokeys claims.

“All the concerns we have had about Ms Leiseys are the same concerns we had about her,” the representative said.

Ms Lemke says she has been a member of the real industry for years, but felt the harassment was “unprofessional and unacceptable”.

She said she felt threatened by a realtoress who called the family multiple times, even calling her son on the phone.

“A lot of the time, it’s like ‘you don’t have to come here,'” she said, describing how she would go to the real office and talk to her son to make it clear that they were not going anywhere.

“People just get upset because they don’t know where to turn.

They just get mad.”

Ms Lemike said the harassment has left her feeling unsafe.

“For me, the realm’s job isn’t to make me feel safe,” she explained.

“What I really feel is a little bit of intimidation.”

“It feels like the real thing is not as safe as they make it seem.”

Ms Larke says the harassment is also affecting her relationship with her family.

“My son and I are really, really close, we talk all the time and I know he has a lot of problems, so it’s been really hard for me,” she recounted.

“When it’s this way, I don’t think he can be himself.”

These steps include making real estate agents aware of and taking the appropriate action to address any