Realtor sued for selling home in Memphis

The owner of a Memphis home recently sued for allegedly illegally selling it, court records show.

The lawsuit filed by attorney Andrew Chaney on behalf of David Hall, who has lived at the Chappell Hall real estate property for two decades, alleges the realtor violated his constitutional right to sell his home by selling the property without a license and failing to give him notice of the sale, according to the lawsuit.

The attorney said in the suit that Hall, of Houston, Texas, is a registered owner of the property and is entitled to a full title sale of the home.

“Chappell and his team have made numerous attempts to obtain a full sale of Chappells property, and have failed to obtain any such sale,” Chaney wrote in the lawsuit, obtained by The Associated Press.

“As a result, Plaintiff has no legal right to the home.”

Chaney is asking a judge to force the real estate agent to return the home, which is valued at $7 million.

He said the agent did not respond to requests for comment.

Chaney has represented Chappelle’s Sporting Goods, an apparel company.

He represented the realtor of a home in Florida in a similar lawsuit filed last year.

Chappella’s attorney, Thomas C. DeSantis, did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

A realtor and other real estate experts told The Associated News that the realty market has been particularly volatile since Chappel’s former partner, George Karras, was convicted in May on conspiracy charges stemming from a 2013 home-price collapse in Miami.

The case is pending.