What the real estate experts know about real estate, January 27, 2021

The real estate industry is still reeling from the devastating wildfires in Northern California and Arizona.But the biggest problem, for now, is the number of listings on the secondary market.There’s a lot of inventory available, but a lot less of it.The National Association of Realtors estimates that just 3.6 million homes were sold in January

‘I had to kill a man’: A realtor’s harrowing story of foreclosure in Tulsa, Oklahoma

A real estate agent in Tulsa’s downtown area has told a local television station that he was forced to shoot a man who tried to rob him.“I was just trying to get the sale going,” said Michael Moore, president of Moore’s Real Estate Associates.“He tried to take my property away.”Moore said he was trying to

Find a realtor in your area? This guide will help you find the perfect realtor in your city.

Realtor is a big deal for some people.It’s one of the most valuable jobs in the real estate industry, and it’s the most rewarding one, thanks to a lot of perks, including an annual salary, stock options and a stock bonus.But finding a real estate agent in your market is a little harder.The only realtor

How to Get a Real Estate Agent to Receive a Job Offer

In a city like Phoenix, a real estate agent might be looking for someone who has been on the market for a while.But the Arizona real estate market has been hot lately.Realtors Association of Arizona President Jeff Brown said he has not heard from any of his clients yet.“I’ve been looking for agents in Phoenix