Realtor Fuck: Realtor International to accept Bitcoin

Realtors are expected to be the first to accept the digital currency Bitcoin in the U.S. on Thursday, according to Realtorp International Inc., which operates a nationwide network of real estate agents.Realtorp has confirmed that it will accept Bitcoin at its offices, office supply stores, and a number of retail stores, including a number in

A ‘novelty’ realtor for the high-end neighborhood, a realtor who sells condos

A realtor in the upscale neighborhood of Bedford Hills has found himself in hot water after posting on Craigslist ads that a prospective buyer could be able to get a home for $1.9 million.EBBY Halliday, the managing director of EBBY Homes, posted a listing for a home on Craigslist for $900,000 in May.She said the