Why you should get the realtor’s guide to the Sacramento Valley realtorship

It may be a popular title for the book, but it’s really not that informative.We’ll be looking at a few things here and there, but the book is not going to provide much more than a general overview of the real estate market in Sacramento, so if you are interested in what it might tell

‘It’s a very real fear’: Realtor says NSW could lose thousands of jobs if Trump sanctions

SAN FRANCISCO — A realtor is warning that if President Donald Trump decides to impose a trade embargo against the United States, real estate sales in NSW could fall by more than a quarter of their normal levels.Realtor Barry O’Shea said his clients were struggling to find homes for their new apartments and he expected

Harry Norman says ‘a lot’ of Australians would like to see him ‘brought back’ to New South Wales

Updated November 23, 2019 07:00:07 The former Victorian treasurer has been accused of being “in denial” about the financial impact of the financial crisis and the impact it has had on the State.Key points:Harry Norman has spoken out about the impact of Australia’s financial crisis on the lives of many peopleKey points Harry Normans response

Renters and landlords must share the blame

The real estate industry is struggling to contain rising rents, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for renters to access affordable accommodation.Renters in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are the highest-paying workers in the country, and in many places they are paying more than half their incomes to cover the costs of their accommodation.Key points:Some Sydney