How to Find an Affordable Home for $1.1M in Omaha, Nebraska

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Seattle realtor: Seattle’s rent will be more than $3,500 per month by 2020

Seattle, Washington’s real estate market is expected to hit record highs as rents continue to climb.The median house price in the region is expected at $1.6 million, up from $876,000 last year.The average apartment rents for a one-bedroom in Seattle is $1,744 per month, according to a survey by brokerage broker RealtyComCom.That’s up 10 percent

Realtor is closing in on MLS realtor: ‘It’s an amazing place to live’

Realtors are closing in as MLS announced it was closing its doors and relocating to the Pacific Northwest.The realtor’s announcement comes just days after MLS Realty said it would relocate to Seattle, the biggest market in the US and the city with the highest vacancy rate.The relocation will mean MLS’s real estate team has