Texas realtor indicted in Las Vegas murder case

A Texas realtors office is accused of selling homes to people who had no previous ties to the area and who had been charged with crimes, including murder.

A woman identified only as the realtor’s daughter, who is also a neighbor, told the Associated Press that she knew the woman for years and that she lived in the area when the alleged crimes occurred.

The daughter said she spoke with her mother, who told her that she was told by the real estate agent that the person was arrested for murder in the Las Vegas area and would not be allowed to buy homes in the district.

She said she also called the realtor and asked if she could speak to her mother.

She was told that if she wanted to talk to her, she would have to pay a $50 fee.

The realtor was arrested Friday on charges of conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to violate a protective order.

The charges were not filed in Las Angeles County Superior Court.

In a statement to the AP, the attorney for the realty’s mother said she has spoken to the family, who are “very upset.”

She said the woman did not sell any homes and has since left the area.

The Associated Press is not naming the person charged because he or she is a minor.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal is not identifying the woman who was arrested in the case because she is under court order to remain silent.

The district attorney in the northern Las Vegas suburb, whose district includes Fort Myers, said the case is “an example of how the law and our justice system works.”