What if I told you there was a $1.2 million realtor in Kansas City, Missouri?

Real estate agent, and realtor of record in Kansas, Mark O’Mara, was at the Kansas City Royals home opener on Tuesday night.

The Kansas City Star reported that O’Bara is the son of former NFL star and current owner, Joe O’Brien, who owns the team.

O’Mahara told the Star that the team has not contacted him to inquire about their vacancy.

In the meantime, O’Barros is making sure his team knows he’s available to rent out the Royals’ practice facility, according to the Star.

The Royals have reportedly made $100 million in revenue since 2005, according the Associated Press.

OBrien, however, has not been able to keep up with the team’s expansion plans.

O-Brien and the team recently announced that they will have to move to an entirely new facility because of the lack of interest from prospective tenants, according SportsBusiness Journal.