What’s real in San Diego? The realtor is in the business of renting out homes, but what’s the right price for a house?

Real estate is in short supply in San Francisco, which has been hit hard by a severe winter and the high cost of living.

As a result, a growing number of local realtors are opting to operate on a shoestring, making them less profitable than they might otherwise be.

But what does a typical San Diego realtor look like?

Read more Here’s a guide to some of the best realtor in the area, from their pricing to their experience and reputation.1.

David O’BannonRealtors in San Jose and Santa Clara are among the most popular in the region, with more than half a million homes sold in 2017.

They’re often listed on a short list of local landlords, which allows them to negotiate with the owners of the properties, who typically are able to offer lower prices for the properties than they would on the market.

Some of the largest realtresses in the Bay Area, O’Brien and O’Reilly Real Estate have a reputation for making their home values more affordable than other neighborhoods.

If you’re looking to rent a house, though, be sure to get a quote from a realtor with experience and a reputation like O’Breasted.2.

Jody FauciRealtor Jody, whose company rents out nearly 3,000 houses in San Luis Obispo County, is considered one of the top brokers in the country, according to Realtor.com.

The 49-year-old also has a long list of properties he has been involved with, including a home he bought in the Pacific Northwest, and he’s had a huge success in the past decade.

In 2018, he sold two houses in the San Luis Valley to a developer and another to a new buyer.


Jason KarpRealtory Jason is the president of Karp Real Estate, which rents out a majority of its properties in San Mateo County.

Karp’s reputation as a quality realtor has been enhanced in recent years by his success in raising the value of properties.

For example, he has sold properties that were valued at $1 million or more to buyers that were only looking for $300,000.


Jim MascaraRealtours in San Bruno, Marin County, are known for their attention to detail and expertise in selling a home.

Mascaras home in Santa Clara County, where he has lived for 20 years, was valued at about $1.2 million and is now listed for $900,000 at Sotheby’s.


Peter WillsRealtour in San Ramon, the Bay area’s second-largest city, rents out about 50 homes a year.

Its a popular place to rent out, as most of the listings are affordable and often include a “first-time buyer” clause.

The average price for homes in the city is around $1,000,000 per home, and Wills is known for his low prices.


David DominguezRealtortoors in the Santa Cruz-Sonoma area are known to be among the best.

They typically rent out properties valued between $100,000 and $250,000 (or $300 and $600,000 for older homes), and are generally known for making the purchase process easy and quick.

Some people have had a hard time finding a good price, though.

A number of Bay Area realtours have had negative reviews for their properties, including one who had a $250-million property listed for less than $600k.


Daniel O’SullivanRealtouring in the South Bay, which is home to a large number of tech companies, has been a favorite in recent months, with several Bay Area and international tech companies bidding on properties.

The property’s current value is around a half-million dollars.


Scott BoeschRealtoring in Marin County is one of a number of realtoral areas that have experienced a renaissance in recent decades.

The area, known for its vibrant nightlife and friendly neighborhood, has become a destination for visitors from around the world.


Dan SchulmanRealtores in Santa Rosa, which lies just north of San Francisco Bay, has seen a boom in property values.

The district has been in the news recently for its high-profile real estate deals with the likes of Uber and Airbnb.


Daniel LópezRealtorman, a real estate broker in the Mission District, is known as one of San Jose’s most sought-after realtores, with many properties listing for as little as $150,000 or less.

His most recent home was sold for $150k in July 2017.


Peter VanDorenRealtor Peter is well known for the value he places on properties