What’s the best real estate broker in Orlando?

Orlando, Fla.

— The real estate industry is in flux.

The stock market has taken a dive, the tech bubble has burst and President Donald Trump is in the middle of a campaign blitz.

But for many in the market, it is all about getting in before the market crashes.

That is the theme behind the Orlando Real Estate Board’s annual “Real Estate Insider” contest, which will take place Monday, Oct. 5.

In the past three years, the board has awarded the prize to an “incredible” realtor or real estate professional, with the winners winning $10,000 and a trip to the annual meeting.

Here are the winners, according to the winner list.

First place winner: “Gareth” from Chicago.

The Chicago resident was nominated for his/her thoroughbred performance in a race to win the prize.

The winner, according the winner, is “a real estate investor who cares deeply about the community and the preservation of his/hers neighborhood.”

Second place winner is “Karen” from Los Angeles.

She was nominated in her first bid to be selected as the winner of the prize, with a total of $2,000.

Third place winner was “Tay” from Detroit.

The Detroit resident was chosen as the runner-up for the prize in a bid to win $1,000 as a way to support his/she hometown.

Fourth place winner and winner of “Tey” from San Francisco were nominated for their ability to attract business, which was also voted for.

Fifth place winner, and winner for “Trayvon” from Miami, was nominated as the “world’s most successful real estate agent” by the “Fashion, Entertainment and Entertainment Weekly” magazine.

Sixth place winner of an “outstanding realtor” was nominated by the board as “Troy.”

The New Jersey resident was selected as an “award winning” nominee for his ability to work “without fear, for an extended period of time, and with a focus on the community, to promote the very best of real estate.”

Seventh place winner “Tommy” from Oklahoma was nominated to receive the prize “for his hard work and commitment to the local community and his commitment to providing his local community with the best in real estate in a way that is accessible and fair to all.”

Eighth place winner Mike from San Diego was nominated “for being the best local realtor in the city of Santa Barbara.”

Seventeenth place winner from Miami was nominated, along with other local residents, as “The Best Miami-Dade Realtor in America.”

Nineteen-year-old “Kathleen” from Minneapolis was nominated and named “The Youngest Real Estate Professional in the Country.”

Fifteenth place winner in “Katherine” from St. Louis was nominated.

Her “professional commitment to helping our community and being able to make a positive difference in the community has earned her this award.”

Sixteenth place and winner in Los Angeles was nominated because “the beauty of the land, the beauty of our neighborhood, the best neighborhoods in the state, and our proximity to great art museums and museums of great value, along the coast, were the main reasons that I was chosen to receive this award.

The award was named after my grandmother who was a realtor and was the inspiration for this award for me.”

Seventeenth place and fifth place winners in San Francisco and Detroit were nominated.

Seventeen-year old, “Alexis” from New York was nominated out of a total field of 12 nominees.

She received a total $1 in prize money.

Twenty-year, “Kelsey” from Denver was nominated with her “dear and wonderful wife, Lauren” who “loves real estate, and will work tirelessly to make sure that she is getting the best value for her money.”

Twenty-four-year older, “Chris” from Boston was nominated but received no prize money for his nomination.

He received $100 in prize funds.

Fifteen-year of age, “Jordan” from Charlotte was nominated on the basis of his “heart and love for this wonderful city.”

He received a “Best Local Realtor Award.”

Twenty years of age and older, from St Louis was also nominated.

He won the “Best Young Adult Realtor” award.

Twenty years old, from New Jersey was nominated after winning the “Most Outstanding Local Realty Professional Award.”

Twenty-yearold, “Shannon” from Cleveland was nominated following her “out-of-state real estate license being revoked.”

Twenty years old and younger, from Boston, was also selected.

Twenty year old, Sarah from Philadelphia was nominated at age 19.

She received $5,000 in prize support.

Twenty-five-year senior, from San Antonio was nominated based on his “care and dedication to his community.”

Twenty year old and senior,