Which Real Estate Markets Are Hot Right Now?

What’s your favorite real estate market right now?

The real estate markets in your state are not exactly the same as those in other regions.

The big cities like Dallas and New York tend to be much more popular and the more popular are usually more affordable, but that’s not always the case.

So if you live in one of the more expensive real estate regions in the country, be sure to take a look at which real estate sites are the most popular right now.

Here are the top 10 markets in each state right now:1.

Dallas, Texas – $719,8002.

Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas- $725,8003.

Fort Worth, Texas, $726,9004.

Houston-The Woodlands- $728,4005.

New Orleans-La.- $729,4006.

Tampa-St. Petersburg- $735,3007.

Orlando-Kissimmee- $736,9008.

Jacksonville-Coral Gables- $750,9009.

Raleigh-Durham-NC- $758,40010.

Atlanta-Sandy Springs- $772,100Read next: Best Places to Rent in Texas, And Other StatesFor the full list of the top 100 hottest real estate states, click here