Why California realtor licenses should be updated

When a real estate agent or mortgage broker asks for a “pre-approved” home sale, the real estate market is going to look like a market of “super-rich” and “super poor,” writes Joshua Greenblatt in his latest piece in The Jerusalem Report.

The only way that the rich get their way is if they purchase a lot of property and then sell it to the very rich.

The real estate broker wants to “rent out” the properties and make money from the proceeds.

The only way the super rich get the opportunity to purchase the properties they have purchased is if the super-rich sell them, which is why we are witnessing a massive wave of high-profile and high-priced properties being sold at record rates by the superrich.

The super-wealthy are buying homes that were previously under-utilized and that were in high demand and the super wealthy are buying properties that are currently in the same condition.

This has become a pattern for a number of reasons, but one of the most important is that they are buying a lot that has been under-used.

When the super money has been invested in property and a lot is sold, the super wealth that was invested in the property is now being used to finance an increase in the value of the home that has already been sold.

The super rich buy lots that are already in the condition that the people that the super mega-rich have bought it from have left the house, or have sold it for less than the market value.

These properties are in need of major repairs and improvements, and they’re not going to be selling at the current prices, because they are not under-valued.

These are homes that have been abandoned and they have been neglected, and that’s why they’re selling for so much less than what was being offered.

The average price of a home is $5.7 million, so the average sale price of these properties is about $1.5 million.

This is a massive transfer of wealth from the ordinary citizens that have left these homes to the super people who are buying the properties.

It’s also the reason why the realtor licensing system in California is so antiquated.

It is not the case that a buyer can apply for a realtor licence to buy a home.

There are a number ways that a realtourist can get a license.

One is to be an active member of a non-profit, such as a community organization or a community association, and to sign up for the State Real Estate Association (SREA).

The second way is to work for a community corporation.

The third way is for a state or local government agency to offer an offer of a license to a local realtor, but that license is not accepted.

The fourth way is by a member of the realtor licensing board.

There is no way to get a realty license to do a home appraisal.

It requires you to sign a letter of intent that has to be signed by a certified agent.

You also have to get the permission of the local city council, or the county, to perform the appraisal.

The last way is the realty agent licensing board has a list of the super high-income home buyers that have registered for the SREA and that are licensed by the board.

In many cases, the board is looking for a buyer with a home that is not under sale.

When a buyer does not have the money to pay for the property, the seller is allowed to take the property.

That is why it’s so important for the realestate industry to reform its licensing system.

The fact is that the average price for a home in California has been falling for the last few years, and there are some neighborhoods that are seeing a significant decline in the number of properties being listed on the S&P 500 index.

The median price for an affordable home in the state is $350,000, but the average house price in the San Francisco Bay Area is $2.4 million.

It seems like the super elite are buying lots in neighborhoods that aren’t in a lot in demand and they are selling those lots at prices that are out of reach of ordinary people.

When you look at the data, it looks like the wealthy are purchasing properties at the same prices as the average American homeowner.

There’s a lot more to this story than just the way that we are seeing these properties being bought and sold.

The way that people are purchasing and selling these properties shows us that we need to reform our licensing system and that there are a lot going on here.