Why does Realtor’s online listing of homes for sale in New Jersey only include the first four digits?

Realtor says it’s looking into the matter, and says that the first digit of a home’s ZIP code is incorrect.

It also says that if you use its service to locate a home that’s sold online, it will automatically update its home-buying and selling page to reflect that fact.

The listing for a $200,000 home in the city of Camden is for sale at $1.99 million, but the online listing doesn’t list the ZIP code for the property.

(Courtesy Realtor)The problem comes as a result of an error Realtor made with its website a couple of weeks ago.

The company said in a statement to ABC News that it updated its home listing on Friday, but that the mistake was corrected by the next day.

Realtor said it is now removing the error and will update the listing again.

Realtor said in its statement that it is “aware of the issue and working with our team to resolve it as soon as possible.”

It also said that it has updated its website to include the correct ZIP code.