Why I sold my house to the biggest real estate company in Texas

Texas real estate is a tough business, especially when it comes to land deals.

But that’s not to say that real estate agents aren’t out there for a buck.

The top 10 Texas realtresses on the market are getting paid in the $1.9 million range.

Here’s what they’re doing with the money.


John Hynes Real Estate Group, Inc. John A. Hynes, the CEO of John Hanes, Inc., a real estate brokerage firm based in Dallas, is known for his work with families, including a wife who was awarded the Medal of Valor by the U.S. Navy for her actions in Vietnam.

Hanes is also the owner of the Houston Astros baseball team.


Jim Hays Real Estate, Inc.-Agency for Realtors The real estate agent at the heart of this story is Jim Hanes.

The agent is the owner and chief executive officer of Jim Hynes.

The Hanes company has more than 100 agents across Texas, including realtor and brokerages.


David G. Hartsell Real Estate and Lending, Inc-An Austin, Texas-based real estate agency and lender.

Hartsel is the CEO and founder of Hartsell, Hartsell & Company, which is based in the Austin area.

Hartsels is also a member of the board of directors of Texas Realtor, an agency that offers loans and credit to homebuyers.


John J. Hays & Co.-Houston, Texas, based real estate and loan brokerage and loan provider.

John Jay Hays is the chief executive of John Jay & Co., which has offices in Houston and Fort Worth.


John T. Harris, President-CEO, Hartsel Harris-Loyola University-Chicago-Arlington-Lafayette, IL, an international real estate firm.

Harris is a former chief executive at Hartsel.


Paul H. Harris-Texas Real Estate Agency-Houston-based Texas realtor and real estate loan broker.

Harris founded Hartsel in 1987.

He is the chairman and chief investment officer.


Jeffery D. Harris and Associates-Houston realtor.

Harris owns Harris Harris Associates, a realtor firm in Houston.


Kevin F. Harris & Associates-Dallas-based Houston realtor who works for Harris-University of Texas.

He was the chief investment executive of Harris Associates.


Frank R. Harris – Houston-based Dallas-based broker.


John F. Hanks, Sr.-Houston-area realtor with Harris-Austin-Aransasansasansas real estate.

Hardson was named the CEO for Harris Associates in 2006.

He owns a Houston-area firm called Hanks Associates, which handles residential mortgage lending.


Kevin B. Hennig Real Estate Management-Houston.

Hennesig is the president and CEO of Hennesigan Properties, which operates a realty firm in Katy, Texas.


Dan H. Hornsby Real Estate Company-Houston – Real estate brokerage and realtor based in Houston with offices in Midland and Irving.


John C. Howard Real Estate-Dallas – Realtor and broker based in Fort Worth, Texas and Dallas.


Richard E. Howard-Dallas Real Estate – Realtors and agents based in Midlands and Dallas, respectively.


Kevin Hines Real Estate Inc.-Fort Worth, TX-based agent and realtorship broker.

Hines is the former CEO of Real Estate Information Corp. and has served on its board of governors.


David J. Johnson-Dallas/Midland-based homebuilder.

Johnson is the executive vice president of Johnson Real Estate.


Mike Johnson-Houston Real Estate Agent-Dallas, TX – Realty agent based in Harris, Houston and Midland.


Dan J. Jones Real Estate Services-Houston.-Realtor based at the Houston office.


James Jones Real Property Company-Dallas.

Real estate agent based at Dallas-Fort Worth.


Tom J. Kay Real Estate & Leasing, Inc./Kay Real Estate Leasing-Houston/Midlands.

Kay is the real estate broker at the Dallas-area office of Kay Realty Leasing.


Stephen K. Lawrence-DallasRealty.com/Lane, TexasRealty and realty agency based in Denton, Texas with offices across the state.


William K. Kirkland-DallasDallasReality.comKirkland is the Dallas real estate executive vice chairman.


Paul Koehler-HoustonRealty, IncThe real estate arm of Kirkland Properties.


Robert L. Lambrecht-Houston HoustonRealty & Lease, IncLambrecht is the vice president for the Dallas office of Lambrechts Realty Services.

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